Trophy Room

Here is where we proudly display a few of our top creative campaigns. 

In each trophy campaign sales have not only increased, but have blown expectations out of the water.

We Created A New Work-Style In Nomad

Coworking is a crowded market in New York City. To create a unique position for the Blender brand, we focused on its roots—high-end design and custom offices. 

While everyone else was fixated on over-the-top amenities surrounding their ads, Blender aimed high. Our ads featured Blender’s best in class design and sophisticated community vibe that created intense demand for this flagship location. 

*** Our Blender campaign delivered more than 1M impressions and a return on ad spend of 33X. Needless to say we made luxury coworking hot in NoMad. 

We Made Booking Group Travel Easier


No matter how stressful booking group travel can be, no one should feel alone. So for the last few month’s we’ve been making requesting a travel quote from Easy Group Airfare as easy as sending a text message. 

Just log onto the website and start chatting with our Travelbot. Ask him anything, but don’t forget to request a quote for your next group travel destination! 

*** We also executed an outside-of-the-box creative campaign across Facebook, Instagram, and Google that targeted people who search for travel packages. Leads increased 345% in just a few short weeks, and the cost to acquire each new customer dropped by more than 200%.

We Convinced People To Try A $9,000 Chakra Healing Bed

Alternative heath and wellness is one of the fastest growing nichés in NYC.  So when Modrn Sanctuary asked us to make a bold statement and promote a $9,000 Chakra Bed, we decided to give patrons something they were guaranteed to love: #GetLit. 

To pull  it off we worked alongside New York Magazine to combine Modrn Santuary’s four spots into one epic media buy. Then we invited people around New York City to take the best nap of their life on a $9,000 bed. 

*** In month 1, Modrn Sanctuary reached 30,000 New Yorkers and doubled bookings during what was supposed to be a “slow period.” A strategy that continues to provided consistent dividends. 

We Helped Long Islanders Get Their Drink On

While Long Island may be known for its wide range of bagels and bros, we found out from fans that one of Long Islands’s hidden treasures is the Nautical Mile in Freeport. 

And what better way to show Nautical Mile’s uniqueness than a massive beer fest? The campaign started with a series of lighthearted spots about friends enjoying a beer together by the shore.

Then we hopped onto a pier to highlight the craft brews and wines that were featured at the fest. Over the course of nearly 2 months our team highlighted beers and wines from craft makers across the East Coast. 

*** Everything we created we turned into hyper-targeted ads, and in the spirit of the fest, we sold out the event to happy festers across Long Island. The best part? The cost to acquire each customer was only $0.04 creating a return on ad spend of 18X.

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